Credit Card “Travel Accident Insurance” Are You Covered? Maybe!

Often I have clients tell me they already have travel insurance covered on their credit card so they don’t need anymore coverage. True and Not True. I ask them if they know their coverage. They usually know the amount eg. $100,000 but not what that amount covers. It’s a matter of what you expect you are covered for and if the credit card member benefit of travel insurance is enough. Generally speaking, No. Ok, don’t get me wrong, if you die or lose both hands or both feet, then yes generally you are covered to a specified amount (not that much). But what if I get the flu, or break my arm, or have a heart attack? I will need to seek medical attention outside of Canada. So am I covered? Hmmm, based on American Express’ cardholder “Travel Accident Insurance”, No. Based on the Certificate of Insurance from AMEX, for example, the cardholder is not covered for illness and only for very specific injuries. Here is what the AMEX coverage includes, (see if this is enough coverage for you when you travel).

* AMEX Benefit Amounts (for education purposes only and does not include all information as outlined in the AMEX Certificate of Insurance booklet):

Loss of Life. $100,000

Loss of both hands or both feet. $100,000

Loss of one hand and one foot. $100,000

Loss of the entire sight of both eyes. $100,000

Loss of the entire sight of one eye and one hand or one foot. $100,000

Loss of one hand or one foot. $50,000

Loss of the entire sight of one eye. $50,000

Basically, that’s it. My recommendation is to buy additional travel insurance through your Licenced Insurance Broker (I STRONGLY recommend that you not use a Travel Agent) to cover you for illness and other injuries.  And good travel insurance is not that expensive. Really. It can be very expensive if you don’t buy it and are injured or ill outside of Canada.

Now, here is an example of typical coverage through a Travel Insurance Carrier I use for my clients: (again, this is for educational and illustration purposes only. Please contact our office for full details).

Emergency Medical and Dental Coverage.

COVERED BENEFITS: Emergency Medical and Dental Coverage reimburses you for eligible expenses if you require emergency medical and/or dental care during your trip. This coverage will also cover expenses for emergency medical transportation back to your province of normal residence. In the event of injury or illness while on a trip, during the coverage period, we reimburse you for reasonable and customary charges for the following medically necessary expenses required by you.

The above coverage I recommend for my traveling clients also has coverage up to $10,000,000.

There are many options you may want to add to my recommended travel insurance coverage like:

Trip Cancellation Up to $20,000, Canadian Trip Interruption Up to $20,000, Canadian Trip Delay $300 Canadian/Day – Maximum 2 Days, Emergency Medical and Dental Coverage Up to $5,000,000 Canadian (overall policy maximum), Emergency Medical Transportation Included in overall policy maximum, Vehicle Return $2,000, Canadian Repatriation of Remains $5,000, Canadian Accommodations and Meals $150 Canadian/Day – Maximum 10 days, Baggage Coverage $1,000, Canadian Baggage Delay $200, Canadian 24-Hour Emergency Travel Assistance Included.

For a FREE quote and explanation of coverage, please contact me directly at 778-280-8052 or and I will be happy to help you out.

Enjoy your travel outside of Canada without that lingering feeling you are missing something. What you’re “missing” may cost you more than you think.

Richard Van Liempt

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