Be the Change and create passive income.

I needed to get out of the ‘rat race”. I was like most of you, getting up early to drive in traffic to a 9-5 job for many years. That wasn’t me, so I became an entrepreneur. I am not sure this was better,  but at least I could say I was my own boss. Now I got up even earlier, still needed to drive in traffic to see my customers and worked more than 60 hours a week. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being an entrepreneur. Back then it was a lot of hard work and hours and I didn’t feel I had control much of my time freedom, location freedom or financial freedom. I was a slave to my clients and contracts.

I needed to find a better way. The answer is passive income. Business, real estate, MLM, referral marketing, many home based online businesses etc.

There are almost too many ways to create income passively. As you start on your journey of exploration you will see a host of opportunities all begging for your prompt attention and credit card. Be careful you don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis, where you spend lots of time researching and reading and not time actually doing.

I recommend you find a passive income business that resonates with your way of being, your “Why”, or what purpose you might have for your life (some of you may have to go find that still) and then go do that. Yes, just do it as Nike would say.  Yes, you will stumble a bit and make a few mistakes and that is good. Learn from that and stick with it. Soon others will see you as an expert and you will be.

If a possible change is in order for you, watch the video below and start by reading this book. The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

Financial Planning is what I do. and that in a nut shell it is supporting and guiding others on their journey through life with regard to their managing their finances.

Please do not hesitate at all to email me directly if you have any questions.

Richard Van Liempt,

P.S. for help finding your “Why” read the book 5: Where Will You Be Five Years From Today? by Dan Zadra

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