Your choices, your goals.

If you’re like many Canadians, you’ve spent time planning for an enjoyable retirement. You’ve thought about your RRSP, your pension and any other sources of retirement income.

With a plan for retirement, you’re already on your way to reaching your goals.

However, if you were faced with a critical illness tomorrow, how would your goals in life change? Would you have the financial means to recover on your own terms, without taking from your hard-earned savings?

A recovery plan is designed to relieve the financial burden of suffering from a critical illness – including heart attack, stroke and cancer – and help protect your dreams for retirement.

How it works: If you’re diagnosed with a covered critical illness, and survive for 30 days, you’ll receive a cash payment. You can choose to use this payment any way you see fit. You can cover your mortgage or debt payments, adapt your home to better accommodate a physical disability, cover travel expenses or seek alternative care. It’s totally up to you.

Critical illness insurance may be a clear solution to helping secure your retirement lifestyle. For more information on how this innovative insurance may help protect you, your family and your future, click here to download the Critical Illness Discussion and email me at

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