At Ortgeard, our process involves 6 steps :

  1. CULTIVATING — We feel partnering with the client to work together toward the client goals, leaves the client in control of the process and ultimately leads to peace of mind.
  2. CLIENT FIRST — We believe in the client first approach. We truly listen to the client’s needs and concerns, putting aside all biases and working WITH the client providing informed recommendations that create the solid framework to build upon.
  3. EDUCATION —  Clients will be educated on what’s happening in the industry and how it affects them now and in the future. Knowledge is power, and having the right education empowers the client to make the best-informed decisions necessary.
  4. INDEPENDENT — We are able to ‘cherry pick’ from the industry to find the very best products available for our client’s individual needs and budget.
  5. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE — We have access a to highly skilled and seasoned team of associates giving you, the client, hundreds of years of experience and knowledge.
  6. FOLLOW UP — We hear that clients don’t want to be sold a product. Client’s want to build a relationship of trust that lasts longer than one transaction. At Ortgeard we are committed to your Life Plan and are there to follow up with you and keep you informed, working with you in your ever-changing life.