Comprehensive and Creative! When it comes to insurance products, I didn’t know there were so many options. I knew that I wanted a product that was more than a traditional premium but never anticipated the depth of premiums that are on the market. From tax benefits to retirement strategies, Richard Van Liempt provided the most detailed and comprehensive insurance assessment possible. He really went the extra mile to ensure that the product I picked was the most suitable for my needs. I would recommend Richard to anyone interested in protecting wealth and planning for retirement through the most comprehensive, conservative, sustainable and creative products on the market. He certainly opened my eyes and I’m not a big fan of insurance to begin with.

—Dr. of Naturopathic Medicine

Richard is a very knowledgeable insurance consultant who has delivered excellent service and advice to my clients. He recommended insurance products that provided the coverage requested at an affordable cost. As well, Richard thinks “outside the box” to ensure that his clients are receiving the best insurance product for their current situation. I will continue to refer my clients to Richard for their life, disability and group insurance needs.

—Warren Towler, CA, Towler and Associates

I have referred several of my clients to Richard because I know he is going to take a hands on and thoughtful approach to developing the right life insurance plan at the best price for them. He can also provide Key Person insurance, disability insurance and even travel medical insurance. His depth of product knowledge is always expanding and his customer service skills are some of the best in the business.

—Mike Snetsinger, Gen. Insurance Broker, Central Agencies

Richard came to our home and worked with us on some Life Insurance. He provided excellent professional advice, and came back with extremely competitive pricing. We are very pleased with the work Richard did for our family, and would highly recommend him to anyone that needs that piece of mind from a trusted professional.

—David Crawford, Director, Edgemont Moving & Storage

Richard really cares about his clients to provide income and life insurance options to protect what is most important – families. He is fastidious in his preparation to outline a full slate of personal insurance options for individuals to protect their ability to earn income and protect their assets.

—Michael James, Mortgage Professional, Mortgage Evolution

I have worked with Richard on a variety of levels and have worked for him as well. He is consistently pure at heart and feels strongly that his clients get the best from him. He has high integrity and work ethic. He is a great listener and earnestly strives to over-deliver. I have great confidence in him. His solutions are always well thought out.

—Mark Ballard, West Vancouver, BC

Richard is a very friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable life and disability insurance agent. A number of my clients have worked with Richard and have consistently been impressed with his thoroughness and desire to help his clients.
I am happy to recommend Richard to my friends, family and clients.

—Jonathan Vroom, Lawyer, Paperclip Law Corporation

Richard has been an excellent provider of travel and medical insurance for me and my family. I will advise anyone who is going to be travelling or is seeking advise on health and life insurance to contact Richard and allow his expertise to give you total piece of mind.

—Bill Hamilton, Partner, Colorworks

Richard provides a client first approach while working with Individuals and families to help structure a better financial future. He truly values making a difference in people’s lives. Richard spends much of his time learning so he can provide the most effective strategies for the individual or families in which he serves. I would recommend Richard because he is very knowledgeable in his field and makes his clients and their families his number one priority.

—Darren Weston, Founder & CEO, The Story Builders

Recently I have seen a few colleagues diagnosed with cancer. This concerns me, as I am a single Dad and sole provider for my family. I contacted Richard to educate me on any insurance types that would replace my income if I was ever unable to work due to illness or injury.

Richard came to my home and provided understanding of my group insurance policy and non-biased information on different types of Insurance that would provide for my needs. I have been very pleased with his knowledge and professionalism and understanding of my personal needs. I have peace of mind knowing that my daughter and I will not have to worry about finances if I ever have a medical circumstance that requires my full attention.

I would recommend Richard, if anything, to be educated on what is available to help protect your income.

—Alex S., Coquitlam, BC

My husband and I have known Richard for more than 10 years and when he offered to provide us with a second opinion, we were hesitant for two reasons. We already had a financial planner we were using for many years and didn’t see the need of a second opinion, and I was concerned in sharing our personal finances with someone I knew well.

Well I am glad we took him up on his offer.

I was pleasantly surprised when Richard sat down with us and took the time to get to know our family and our business and personal goals. Unlike our previous planner, I was also surprised at the time Richard required with us to really look deeply into our financial plan. When Richard came back with our ‘second opinion’, we were able to implement some of his recommendations right away and saw immediate cash savings as well as providing a more stable retirement plan for us.

To-date we have called Richard and still call him to implement some more planning as well as bounce ideas off him. Richard has been a real asset to our personal and business financial planning. We are now better informed and in better control of our personal and business financial situations.

As Richard continues to work with our family, I will continue to recommend Richard to others that want clarity and strategies for their financial house.

—Lucy & John B., Coquitlam, BC